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The Orchard is an eco-designed photography studio, offering a wealth of experience in professional commercial and editorial photography.

We shoot with the latest technology including the latest 80Megapixel Phase One IQ digital back, and top of the line Canon gear. We pride ourselves on our quality, creativity and customer service.

The studio is powered primarily by solar energy and is suitable for both daylight and artificial lighting set-ups. It has a fully equipped kitchen, wireless internet access, a sunny outdoor deck and plunge pool, all within ten kilometres of the centre of Sydney.

Our photographers are all qualified with both formal studies and cumulative decades of experience in the industry. We have worked with a long list of corporate, advertising, editorial, media and PR clientele, both Australia wide and overseas. We enjoy drawing on this experience to assist clients from initial concept development through to final delivery.

Christian Mushenko

Christian's photographs have a warm, emotive style that manage to get to the heart of the subject. He specialises in shooting lifestyle, food and people with an eye for beauty and humanity.

His award-winning photography is sought out by his clients to put them ahead of their competition. For over 20 years, Christian has been shooting for some of the world's largest brands working with agencies and direct clients in the UK, the US, Asia and Australia; shooting everything from global campaigns to small pro-bono work, and personal projects.

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Chistian Mushenko

Danielle Chloe

Ever since her father hauled her across Asia as a small child, Danielle Chloe has developed a taste for the beautiful and the unconventional. A BVA in Photomedia from SCA in 2008 cemented this love and from there Dani has travelled like a caravan-occupying gypsy. She has spent the last 7 years developing her relaxed and unique photographic style in all corners of the globe. Now a successful commercial photographer her commissions span everything from lifestyle, food and still life.

Dani’s friendly and outgoing personality puts her subjects and clients at ease. Since planting some low lying roots in Sydney she hasn’t lost the drive and passion to explore the world with her camera always in hand.

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Danielle Chloe
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